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High temperture silicone tubing .312 ID X .472, per foot.

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Item Info

High temperture silicone tubing .312 ID X .472, per foot. Used in coffeemakers and other equipment.

Factor Benefits

  • High temperature silicone tubing
  • .312 ID X .472, per foot
  • Used in coffeemakers and other equipment


matched original - MrCoffee is working again !

What can I say - it was the correct hose to repair the leaking hoses on the Mr Coffee coffee maker. Shipping was fast .

Product worked for repair of Mr. Coffee
Ronald Browne

After my noticing a leak from under my Mr. Coffee I inspected it. I found a small split in one of the tubes that goes from the water tank through the heat element. After many calls around my city, no one had the tube to replace it. This product worked.

The exact thing I needed for my coffee maker

High-temperature tolerance makes this ideal for replacing worn-out hoses which connect the heating element to other portions of the coffee maker. It's also EXACTLY the same size as what was in there. Can't say it makes the coffee taste any better, but hey, the thing doesn't leak anymore, and it cost way less to fix than it would to buy a new one!

Rating: 4.8 4 reviews

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